Anna & Fabio / Traumgarten Thalwil

Oh this wedding. I loved it. Everything about it. From the adorable flags hanging on the boats and across the garden, to the mason jars holding flowers. This wedding was so beautiful in every way possible.

There is just something about lake weddings that I looove…and clearly I was in love with even the idea of this wedding from the moment I heard it was going to be gray and yellow at our first meeting:)

When getting married in Switzerland, you have to be ready for everything the Swiss weather throws at you. Normally when it rains on your wedding day, a couple will stress a little bit or sometimes a lot! But not them. They had the biggest smiles on their faces all day despite the rain.

It was a beautiful and mild August day. The ceremony was originally planned to be outdoors on the lawn overlooking the lake, but the rain had something to say about that. While it forced the ceremony to be moved into the tent, it did not affect the mood of the day a bit! And lucky for us, the rain stopped long enough that we could get some portraits of the two of them under perfectly overcast skies.

Anna & Fabio ~ Thank you so much for having us be a part of your beautiful wedding day! I hope these photos make you smile as you look back on them over your lifetime together:)



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Vendor Love

Reception: Traumgarten

Wedding Dress: Rosa Clara

Hair & Make-up: Katrina Betts