Les Gourmandises de Miyuko

Is there anything more wonderful than enjoying a delicious cup of tea with a yummy slice of cake ? Let me tell you a sweet story… I while ago I had the pleasure of photographing this amazing cake decorating workshop at Les gourmandises de Miyuko. And I have to say, this workshop is really good fun!
The Lovely Sara Hochuli will teach how to make fun figures to flower work, and due to her enormous experience, patience and love for cake decorating, she will make sure you go home with beautiful creations to share with your friends and family.
After a tasty breakfast it was time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. The day was spent building a cake from scratch, learning how to cover it smoothly, decorating techniques using cutouts and making bows. Everybody got to choose their own color combinations and I tell you, when they were all finished and sat on one table together, they looked absolutely beautiful! Pure deliciousness!