Ob-la-di, Paris

Ohhh yes, I’m a coffee lover. I looooove going to coffee with friends and hanging with people who are passionate about coffee and good conversation.

Coffee shops in Paris have all taken their own unique approaches to the atmosphere they’ve created and Ob-la-di is one of my favorites spots for a delicious coffee in Paris.

Named after The Beatles song Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, the cafe feels cosy and inviting. Located on rue de Saintonge, is a very busy cafe but that’s obviously because it is a coffee heaven! 

Don’t you just love the turquoise tiled floors, and the exposed copper piping? And what do you think about that vegan chia pudding covered with crumble and fresh fruit, Delish!

Find it: 54 rue de Saintonge 75003 Paris

Chef de Cuisine: Fabien Anelli

Coffee Barista: Jackson Fitzgerald

The baristas serve coffee roasted by: Café Lomi

Logo designer: Andrew Woodhead

Instagram:  obladicafe