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Every Day Parisian

Here is a selection of my favorites from a shoot with the lovely, parisian blogger Rebecca Plotnick. She was full of ideas and energy, we took advantage of her gorgeous Parisian apartment and the peonies blossoms. Great fun!

It was truly a joy getting to know her. I’m always fascinated with other people stories and this girl is rich with life and experience, open to sharing, creating and finding inspiration in each other, & the beautiful parisian life.

Stephanie + Mortada | Eiffel Tower

One beautiful winter morning I photographed Stephanie & Mortada in a couple session around the Eiffel Tower. A session to capture their memories of their love for one another in one of their favorite cities in the world. They are as sweet as you’d imagine. They are flirty, cuddly and so fun to photograph. Here are some of my favorite images from their session xxx


Clara + François | Museum of National Archives, Paris

Having an engagement photo session is a lovely way to get to know each other before the wedding.

Clara and François had mentioned they felt a little nervous about having their photograph taken, and this is something I hear a lot. This is completely normal as it’s a new experience for most couples, but I can guarantee it is actually a lot of fun, just hanging out and taking cute photos as we go.

They are such a pair of cuties the two of them. Just see below!