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Christine & Jacob Engagement / Lake Geneva

As luck would have it, Christine and Jacob randomly found me on the internet on their short stay in Vevey. They were in Switzerland for few weeks (all the way from US) and I was honored to work with them during their time here.

We started off the session hiking around the beautiful Lavaux Vineyard Terraces and then we made our way to château de Chillon located on the shore of Lake Geneva for some more stunning shots.
Despite threatening clouds we had an absolutely gorgeous day for their engagement session and somehow the light just kept getting better and better as the day went on.
Christine and Jacob were so easy to photograph, because they were simply enjoying each other’s company on this beautiful summer evening.




I have a passion for low carbon living and a love for fashion and design, so when I met with Marina for breakfast one day and told me about her idea, she had me at hello:)
Marina in her own words:

Each project begins being just a dream. But a dream that , somehow, feels “right”.
When I was a student, my friends, who already had a “business mind”, would organize Tupperware meetings where they would sell, or exchange their clothes. I loved the intimate atmosphere, and also wearing clothes that used to belong to my “fashionable” girl friends. Later on, while living and working in Paris and in Milan, I discovered the real second hand sales, with cool-mysterious shops where I could stay for hours. I also tried the “ventes privées” (that are not really private, but the name does make you feel special), and the outlets.
Clothing has always attracted me. I absolutely love the mix and match phenomenon, expensive + accessible, and I am fascinated by the new fashion idols, the bloggers, much more accessible than top models and stars.
Smart shopping for me is a mix between good value for money, nice and interesting atmosphere, good service, while contributing to make a better world…
During a sabbatical period in Zurich, I felt there was potential. After talking about it with several friends, the dream became a project, and recently the project became reality: reCHIClage.
So what is it?
“Pleasure to shop, easy to sell,” private clothing second hand events, with a creative and sustainable spirit. The items come from a close network, and are carefully selected to insure quality and trendiness. The aim is to provide clients with a great shopping experience, at the best price. To make it even more exciting, a special guest is invited to each event to present their work and/or passion (photographer, designer, etc…). The idea behind it is to maximize the power of network and promote entrepreneurs. Guess who was the first collaborator? ;o)
The project’s première…
Carolina and I had met at a common friends party, and after connecting on FB I could visit her page and was impressed by her talent as a photographer. I especially like the way she captures the atmosphere. I really thank her for immediately adhering to the challenge, and being so passionate about it.
For the project’s première , I organized a “tea time” event, at home, with my closest network.
Carolina captured each moment, from the organization, the tea party, the discovery and trying of the clothes… so judge by yourself! ;o)